If you are needing a new roof, we know how to help you with this. We clearly understand, that unlike new construction, reroofing requires significant care and project management to make certain, that not only will the new roof system work and perform as expected, but care and concern for persons, building contents, landscaping, and exterior facilities is critical. We take the extra time and effort needed to protect and care for all those who will be working around our projects and work to protect and care for their property.
New Construction Roofing


If you are building a new home or facility, we can provide the roofing services you need. We do all types of roofing and we understand that owners are investing in a new building and want the roof system to protect their new investment. We work closely with general contractors and architects to make sure the roof will perform as intended. In addition, in many cases, the roof is an architectural feature and we can help provide ideas and solutions that will accentuate the roof and the related trims.
Roof Repairs


If you are needing any type of roofing repair, we have a team that can work to solve any roofing problem. We perform all types of repairs, whether it is as simple as adding sealant to open flashings or a complex, frustrating leak, we understand roofing issues and can solve the problem.
Roofing Consulting


If you are looking for long-term roofing solutions, or simply want to consult with us regarding your roofing needs, North Face Roofing has the experience, resources and expertise to solve virtually any type of roofing issue. Each of our key employees have over 25 years of experience working with all types of roofing and related issues. We understand what works and what does not. Give us a call - we would love to work with you and offer solutions to your roofing needs.

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